A one-to-one, 90 minute breakthrough session to help you get unstuck and move forward in the planning and preparation of your upcoming talk.

Are you in the process of planning and developing a specific talk, but getting stuck in one or two particular areas?

Do you just want to talk through some ideas so you can move forward in a straightforward and tangible way?

Then this 90 minute strategy session might be just the right fit for you, as we work towards two or three action steps to help you move forward in the planning and development of your talk.

How it works:

To prepare for our strategy session I will first ask you to answer a couple of initial questions.  This will help you to already take a step back and get clear on what is blocking you at the moment, and what it would take to be “un-stuck”.  This will enable me to prepare in advance of our meeting and make sure that I can tailor make it exactly to your needs.

We will then meet face to face for 90 minutes, either in person, or on line by video call, to discuss the sticking point, and to help you move past it.

The content of our session is entirely up to you, but by way of example, we might discuss:

  • Crafting a strong and powerful message, by looking at the subject through the eyes of the audience.
  • Working on the introductions and conclusion, as well as a strong structure that reinforces your message.
  • Using Visual Aids to complement and reinforce the story you want to tell.
  • Using powerful stories to illustrate and highlight your underlying message, in a way that translates very technical content into something a lot more accessible for “non experts” in the room.
  • Managing the stress levels and the pesky inner critic that pops up and brings you stress.

A week to ten days later we will have a half hour follow up session to debrief on the talk and your current preparation.

Who its for

The strategy session will be a great fit if you are working on a specific talk, and you have one or two specific sticking points that you need some help on.


The normal cost of the strategy session (90 minutes plus follow up 30 minutes debrief) is 500 Euros.  However, for a limited time only I am offering this at 375 Euros.

To sign up, get in touch using the form below.  I cant wait to hear from you.


Contact Page for Breakthrough session

Contact Page for Breakthrough session