We all know that when we move our bodies and do some exercise, the feel-good hormones get released and it feels amazing. Add to that some music, and things can be rarely better.

I used to think that to have any benefit I needed to do lots and lots of exercise over a long period of time, and the thought of having to get myself in a car to drive somewhere and then get changed and then get sweaty and then have to get showered and dressed again and come home – well you can see how easy it was for me to create 143 reasons not to do that.

But to dance – dance around the kitchen, move my butt, and where appropriate sing out at the top of my lungs – now that was something I could do really easily. I even do this before I get on stage to speak at an event – I plug the earphones in and have a boogie and release some of the tension.

So – what is your favourite tune that you like to boogie to?

Here are some of my favourites – a little old school, perhaps, and I may be showing my age, but so be it 😉

“Car Wash”: Rose Royce
“Bang Bang”:   Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
“Let me entertain you”:   Robbie Williams
“Rock around the Clock”   Bill Haley and the Comets
“Good Vibrations”   The Beach Boys
“Blame it on the Boogie”   The Jacksons
“We are family”   Sister Sledge
“Respect”   Aretha Franklin
“Joyful Joyful”   Cast Sister Act 2