The research is there: pausing for a moment to be grateful for what you have can help you put things back in perspective and remember that things are not all doom and gloom. With that in mind, many what kind of gratitude practice would you like to develop to do this?

Here are a couple of ways you might want to do this:

If you live with friends or family, why not start a gratitude practice around the dinner table. Take it in turns to share something you are grateful for from the week. This allows two things – firstly to articulate your gratitude out loud, and secondly that others can share that experience with you.

If you live alone, try journaling about three things that you are grateful for from this week. As you journal, include also details of how you contributed to that particular thing happening for you. This second element allows you to anchor and reinforce how you are the captain of your own ship, and not simply the recipient of some luck.

Finally, another thing you could try is to write those things you are grateful for down on separate post it notes, and post them in places like your bedside table, or the bathroom mirror. Like that they can be the last thing you see at night, and the first thing you see in the morning.