Is there anything more fulfilling than ticking off items from a to do list?

Is it just me, or do you ever include things on your to-do list that you have already done, just so you can tick them off?

If that’s you, this activity is for you 😊

If you think about your to do list, there are bound to be a number of small 5 minute jobs that you might well have been putting off in favour of the bigger stuff that you are trying to juggle. Maybe it’s to:

  •  Put a load of washing on
  • Write and post a birthday card to your sister
  • Call the vet to get an appointment for the cat’s vaccinations
  • Call the hairdresser and make an exit-confinement appointment to get your hair cut and coloured
  • Order a new pair of jeans to replace the ones that are covered in paint from your lockdown activities/ too small because you have been eating chocolate every day for the last ten weeks/ too big because you have been working out to dance videos for the last ten weeks
  • Call whoever to say hi and that you are thinking about them
  • Send out an invoice or reply to the accountant.

Well, today I invite you to just take one of those five-minute jobs and just get it done.

This is not about giving you a hard time and telling you that you need to work harder – this is more about freeing up some bandwidth and letting you get a wee bit of control back in things.

Not quite sure what the five-minute jobs are? Well for those of you that have a bit more time than five minutes and want to do a bit of mental decluttering, I have an extra Do some mental decluttering_ worksheet/ download for you to do just that.