I love having a good giggle and laugh, and it really sets me on a high for the day.

What makes you laugh?

It is apparent that senses of humour can vary greatly from culture to culture and person to person. For example, when I was first living in France I saw that Benny Hill was still a great source of hilarity to the French, while back in the UK it was seen by then to be completely unfunny and not very PC at all.

You’ll know what makes you laugh, but I just wanted to share some things that make me laugh:

Hugh Bonneville and the cast of Monuments Men on Graham Norton, talking about Red Lippy here
Andrew Cotter and the dogs, the Dogs Breakfast here
Did Bob Mortimer set fire to his house with a box of fireworks? here
Greg Davies – causing injury to one person, while trying to get another person to say “Vegetables” here

Finally, if you want to try something really cool, a good friend of mine, Erica, runs laughter yoga classes. Check out one of her videos here

I would love to hear about what makes you laugh.