Setting specific, difficult, and challenging goals leads to high performance. Such goals help us focus. It can also lead to an increase in effort and persistence. (Latham, Gary P “Goal-setting Theory: Causal Relationships, Mediators and Moderators”. Oxford Research, May 2016)

But we should also connect with the “why” behind the goals, and make them a personal “why”. A why based on what we want, rather than what everyone else wants – if we do that, we’ll be more motivated – even when it’s tough to keep going.

So, here’s one way of doing that with your five minutes to breathe today.

Evaluate where you are – think about your workload and commitments. Think about what you are doing all this for – what is the greater purpose you are serving by doing all this? How satisfied are you with all that? With yourself? Do some journaling around this and see what comes up.