Welcome to week two of “28 days to take the time to breathe”.

As promised, here you go for a list of all the activities for this week. This is for you if you can’t be bothered with nudges every day, and just want it all in one place.

Day 8: Do a five-minute job and just get it off your plate
Day 9: Have a good laugh at something you really find funny
Day 10: Stop, take stock, and tap back into your why
Day 11: Do something kind for someone, with no expectation of anything in return
Day 12: Pause and reflect on three things you are grateful for this week
Day 13: Write yourself a permission slip for something you would really like to do or be
Day 14: Make your bed up with crisp, clean, ironed sheets

If you would like to print out this list, print out either the blog post, or download a pdf here week two all the activities