If you were to close your eyes and think of something you would really like to do or be for yourself, but don’t do because you think it would be far too self-indulgent, what would it be?

Perhaps it’s to stop work at 5 p.m. for once and meet a friend for a drink. Perhaps it is to take a nice long bath, pig out on an Indian takeaway, or go get a massage. Or maybe it’s not to know all the answers all the time, or be completely uncool and get super excited about something, and to be okay with that.

Whatever your “thing” is, it’s time to write yourself a permission slip to do it.

I love the idea of permission slips for this context. I first came across it in this context in Brene Brown’s books. She talks about permission, too. Check her out here talking about this.

Give yourself permission to do whatever it is that you have been waiting for someone else to allow you to do. Think of it like the permission slip your mum might write for you at school to get you out of games class. And then carry it around with you so you can show it to others if they question your meal choices or leaving work at a decent hour.

If you are looking for inspiration on permission slips, I have a template here permission slip permission slip