I don’t know about you, but often I find myself getting caught up thinking about all the things that I haven’t done, and I forget to think about the things I have done.

Recently I was having a conversation with my coach, Charlie, and telling him that I was really pissed off with myself that a year after arriving back in Belfast I had not yet established a firm client base in the city.

“Yes, Jo, this may be true. But, let’s see, in the space of about 15 months, you have moved countries, set up a UK company, done two TEDx speeches (one of them in French by the way) AND published your first boo. So, you know what, I think it’s ok that you haven’t yet met a bunch of people in Northern Ireland.”

Ok, Charlie is very good at calling out my BS.

But he is also very good at making sure that I stop and celebrate what I have done, rather than just concentrate on what I haven’t done.

So, this is my wish for you today.

I would like you to think about something that you have achieved or done over the last, say 6 months, “big” or “small”, that you have not yet celebrated, and just spend some time celebrating it. Maybe during lockdown, you managed to get dressed every day – or even once a week – rather than stay in the same pyjamas for weeks on end. Maybe you went out for a walk this morning and got some air. Maybe you got a new client. Or wrote an article. Whatever it is – time to celebrate.

How would you like to celebrate? It could be to write something on FB and tell the world what you did? It could be to eat some chocolate (though if you are like me, you may have eaten so much chocolate recently that that is not really anything special anymore). It could be to have a drink with friends or buy yourself something you have wanted to buy for a while.

Whatever it is, do something to celebrate 😊