A number of years ago I went back to the town where I grew up and sat down for a chat with my old English teacher, Mrs McMenamin. She taught me English Literature, and I credit her with teaching me how to think.

Now, clearly my parents had always brought me up to think for myself, and our school system was one that encouraged it too – but I have this memory of my English Literature classes being the first place I was encouraged to express my point of view and really look to defend it.

While I was there in her sitting room I said thank you, and I explained how what I had learnt in her classroom had held me in such good stead in my law studies, and tax career. She was surprised – but rather delightedly. And I remember being so glad to be able to say thank you.

What about you? I am sure that there will be many people in your life that have made an impact in some way. It may well be your parents, but could be anyone. Is there someone in particular that you would like to say a real thank you to? Not just a cursory “sure, thanks”, but a real heartfelt “this changed my life” kind of thing?

Why don’t you take the time today to write them a thank you? Perhaps, if they have passed on, you will never be able to send it, but if you can really articulate your thanks, I am sure, it will still find its way to them. Perhaps, you can send it or better still, go see them (at a safe social distance of course) and read the letter to them.