It’s week four of 28 days to take the time to breathe – and answer me this:  where has all the time gone?

I hope that over these weeks you have been taking a breath and allowing yourself to stop even for a moment.

And of course, it’s not over yet.  This week is about some of my favourite activities from these last couple of weeks.

Day 22: Get a five-minute job off your to-do list

Day 23: Dance like no one is watching you

Day 24: Do something kind with no expectation of anything in return

Day 25: Go for a walk around the block and get some air

Day 26: Pause and think about what makes you grateful

Day 27: Have a good old laugh at something that makes you feel good

Day 28: You’ve guessed it, make the bed up with crisp ironed sheets.

If you want to have all of these to hand, you can once again find a printable pdf here week four all activities.