Its day 28 of 28 days to take the time to breathe – where has the time gone??

The object of this exercise over the last 28 days has been to see that taking the time for ourselves, stopping and just taking a moment to recentre, does not need to involve a whole bunch of faff and fuss. It can even be just for 5 minutes.

The exercises and activities from the last 28 days have been things that I have learned to do and appreciate over the last couple of years. They also correspond to many of the activities identified by Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book “The How of Happiness” that identifies twelve research-based activities that can increase your overall sense of happiness.

So, what comes next?

Well, that is up to you.

But here is my suggestion.

Below I list out all the activities that we have been doing over the last 28 days, and I link each to the original blog post about them.

I also attach here a weekly calendar for you to download, print out and fill in by hand.  Take the time to breathe planner

My suggestion is for you to select the activities that you have enjoyed, and continue to plan them into your day on a week by week basis. How does that sound? Worth a try?

Well, I have enjoyed going on these 28 days with you, and if you want to keep up to date on the other things I am doing, sign up to my newsletter (at the bottom of the home page), and follow my FB business page.

Sending love for now,



Spend 5 minutes to de-clutter your bedside table and bring back some order
Go for a walk around the block for 5 minutes and get some air
Dance like no one is watching
Savour some wonderful memories by using images to create a wonder-wall
Pause and reflect on three things you are grateful for this week
Reach out to someone you haven’t seen for a while, and say hi
Make your bed up with crisp, clean, ironed sheets
Do a five-minute job and just get it off your plate
Have a good laugh at something you really find funny
Stop, take stock, and tap back into your why
Do something kind for someone, with no expectation of anything in return
Write yourself a permission slip for something you would really like to do
Write a thank you letter
Time to celebrate and savour the moment
Visit the professionals