On 19 November 2020 I was honoured to be interviewed for COOL FM’s business bites, a series of short ten-minute interviews raising awareness of particular issues relevant to businesses across Northern Ireland and beyond.

During this interview, I talk about Mental Health for leaders.  Throughout 2020, we have all had the opportunity to reassess and reassert what is important to us.  And one of the positives with that has been more and more conversations about mental health.

These conversations have included asking leaders to reach out to their teams and check in with them, make sure that they are not suffering symptoms of a mental health issue.  This is something that is essential for us all.

However, what I also suggest in this interview is that the leaders themselves need to look out for their own mental health, even if they believe that to do so would be selfish or a sign of weakness.

In the interview I give a couple of top tips of things to do to get back some control and headspace into your life – and my one key take away is to go find your people, because you do not need to carry the burden of these difficult times alone.

You can find a link to the full article here.