Coming in here with a second intro – this time with J.J. Kelly.

JJ and I met when we did the BeOnTV Challenge the first time around, and since then started doing FB lives every Saturday evening (UK Time) (Morning California time where JJ is located).
The FB lives are called Jo and JJ go Mental… Health – and our aim is to normalise conversations about mental health, so you can too.
We are here to do the BeOnTV together to work on getting gigs together to spread the word about mental health – drawing on her experience as a clinical psychologist, and my corporate experience and lived experience of two burnouts in five years.
PS – we recorded a video but in the end it was too big to upload to facebook – hence the audio
PPS in the audio you will hear reference to “TInker” – tinker is a ginger cat who likes to climb all over the desk while i am recording …