I was wrapping up with one of my Burnout Buster clients the other week and we were talking about what she had put in place to take time for herself and learn to breathe again.

She told me about a ritual she had started that was just too darn amazing not to share with you all.

On Sunday nights she used to sit with her work diary and plan the work week ahead of her. What clients she had coming up, what projects on the go – you know the drill.

However, I was delighted when she told me her new Sunday night routine.

Her Sunday night date night – with herself.

Instead of planning her workweek she now plans her “my time for me week”.

Throughout the week she writes down things that she would like to do for herself as a treat or just to take some time out from the constant plate spinning that is her life.

And she schedules appointments to do them, one by one.

Then on Sunday evening, she takes a look back at what she has done that previous week; she celebrates the fact that she has done things for herself, and put herself first for a change.

And then she plans the week ahead – scheduling time in her diary to do some more things for herself.

While our plans remain vague – along the lines of “oooh, I really must take some time out” – it can be easy not to put the plans into action. However, when you actually schedule out time, and you make specific plans, it raises your chances of success considerably.

What about you – could that work for you? To schedule time for yourself on a Sunday evening – put on some nice music, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of chamomile tea – and spend time planning things for yourself.

Let me know in the comments what is on your list for “my time for me week”?