Burnout Buster

Get some head-space back before you crash and burn

Have you had enough of just surviving each day?

Are you ready to start enjoying life again?

It’s time to stop the world and get off for five minutes!


I work with high achieving, hard working corporate professionals like you who are amazing at what they do, well respected in their field, and known for always going the extra mile for their clients.

The only problem is, behind this facade of success, their life is falling apart.  They are exhausted and feeling the pressure to perform, compete and be available 24/7. 

Every day seems to be a routine of sleep, eat, work, repeat, and they are well on the road to burnout.

I help my clients beat the crushing overwhelm, busy-ness and exhaustion, so they can take back control of their life before they crash and burn.


Do you:

  • Wake up every morning already exhausted by the thought of what needs to get done that day?
  • Spend your day juggling 142 different plates as everyone – clients, boss, team, family – pull you in every sort of direction?
  • Keep saying yes to more and more work, because you feel like you can’t let anyone down?
  • Feel like you are no longer in control of your life, and instead your life is run by everyone else and what they want?
  • Feel so exhausted at the end of the day that you simply collapse on the sofa with a box of chocolates or glass of wine, capable only of watching something mind numbing until you crawl into bed, for a restless night thinking about the next day, when it will all start again

Maybe it’s time to stop the world and get off for five minutes. You need to end this hamster wheel of existence.


Imagine what it will feel like when you finally get your life back – catch your breath for a moment,  put down some of the spinning plates, and start to get back some headspace and control back into that mad crazy hamster wheel existence.

It’s time to start breathing again.

During this programme we will work on ways for you to breathe life back into your day – to let you continue to do the work that you love, but do it in a way that you have space and energy to enjoy all the other things in your life too.


Depending on your current situation this could be things like:

  • Establishing boundaries so you let go of the guilt about taking time for yourself 
  • Building an inner circle around you to support you in the ways you need it – be that emotional support over a glass of wine, or practical and logistical support like a cleaner or someone to pick the kids up from school
  • Finding things that you enjoy doing that fill you up and re-energise you, without being just a tick box exercise of another thing that you “should” be doing
  • Learning to surf the grey – how to roll with the punches when life is not black and white, and not get overwhelmed with anxiety and self doubt
  • Learning self compassion so you stop beating yourself up, and learn to let go.
As a result of this programme, you can expect to start to:

  • Find yourself again – you know, the version of you who knows how to see the funny side of things, the exciting side of things, the colourful and joyous side of things
  • Get back some perspective at work – realising that you can change the relationships that you have with your boss, teams and clients into ones full of trust and open communication
  • Let go of exhaustion as a badge of honour that drives you to work more and more hours because you think that is the best measure of success
  • Have the energy and head space to spend time with your other half, your kids, your friends – time that you can enjoy rather than be worrying about work all the time
  • Put yourself back in the driving seat of your life, rather than wait for others to take decisions about how your life is meant to be
You are a hard working, high achieving corporate executive – you are brilliant at what you do, well respected in your field and you always go the extra mile for your clients.

But your work is starting to take over your life, and you just don’t have the energy for all this any more.  You need to find a way to get balance back in your life – continue to go that extra mile, but also get some rest, and find time for the important things in life again.

This is exactly why I created this Burnout Buster programme to help you get your life back – so that you can get back in control of your life, before you crash and burn from exhaustion and decide to jack everything in for an easier life. 

This programme will show you how you can still do a job that you love, but do it in a way that lets you thrive rather than just survive from day to day.

Why me?

After 16 years working in the field of tax, I went through two burnouts in five years and had to change my life completely or be dead by 45.  By the time I changed my life, it was too late to continue in tax, because I had fallen out of love with my career.  I had to get out, or go crazy.

Since then, though, it has become my mission to make sure that my clients don’t wait till their lives are falling apart to make changes in their lives; I help my clients continue doing what they love, AND do it in a way that they can still have the energy to have a life outside work with the ones they care about.

Features and benefits

The Burnout Buster package comprises a short sharp plan based on a first coaching session of 90 minutes, and a follow up session two weeks later to tweak and adjust as needed.  The objective of this is to quickly identify concrete and proven strategies that you can apply straight away to start to get your life back.

More specifically, this package works as follows:

  • A ninety minute coaching session together to identify the single biggest challenge standing in the way of you getting your life back, and then tailor make the best strategy to deal with that 
  • You put this strategy into practice for two to three weeks, so you can see how this operates in real life
  • An exercise of self reflection before we meet again to see what has gone well or less well 
  • A second coaching session – this time of 30 minutes – to see what needs to be tweaked or adjusted to take this strategy further into your life.




Investment for all this: £500 (VAT included).

Let’s get started

Are you ready to get started working?

Excellent!  Here’s what happens next.

Step 1: Make your payment here

Step 2: You will then receive a link to my calendar to make an appointment for our Burnout Buster Coaching session together.

Step 3: Then we will hold our session and get you started on getting back some control and headspace


Any questions?

Do you have any questions?  Just fire me an email at joanna@joannadenton.com and I will get back to you to walk you through anything you need from me.

Remember, you got this, and you are not alone.  I look forward to being able to support you with this.

Client results

“You know Joanna, the perspective is changed, all your words and reverse questions gave me this new perspective. Really, how easy we fall in the trap of the vicious circle of self doubt, work, desire to please and prove ourselves valuable. I have you and so many others are in a dear need for help and support. How lucky I am!!!!”
Milena T, working in regulatory compliance, Luxembourg
“Thanks again for your time on Saturday, it helped me realise that I need to take a bit more control of things rather than wait for others…  I’m feeling better about things and feel that I’m now making decisions that are more in my control to move forward. Thanks again for your time and help – it really has helped me figure out what I need to do to move forward.”
Kerry A, Senior Manager, Edinburgh
Through the Burnout Buster programme, Joanna helped me to change my thought process and my behavior. I have learned to put my managerial skills to work on my personal life. I now find that I have time for things that I never did before. I am now a priority too!  Through our chats, Joanna was able to help me focus on ‘me’ which has the added benefit of helping me to perform better at work. I feel lighter, happier and much less stressed. I have learned to prioritise personal tasks just as I do work related tasks and ensure that time is dedicated to those things.  

I am now in control of my life once again and I sincerely thank Joanna for helping me to see past the every growing wall of demands and create the space and time that I needed to get back on the right track. I would highly recommend the Burnout Buster to anyone who can relate. You will not regret it!”

KM, Senior Manager, Northern Ireland