Burnout Buster

Get some head-space back before you crash and burn

 2020 so far – a year of uncertainty.

How will your business or job be impacted by COVID?  How can you take decisions with little or no concrete information? What is going to happen with your staff and teams?  Will you need to change business models, or pivot your business?  How can you avoid the crowds and still get the Tesco shop in?  Will the kids be ok at school? Will your parents be ok? 

Spinning 142 plates at a time, just waiting for something to come crashing down.

It has been exhausting.  For everyone.  In different ways.

Just doing our best to get through each day.  Trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, while still functioning at work.

All this without burning out and crashing into some kind of wall.

If that’s you – or someone you know – I’d love to talk.

There is a way.  A way to put down some of those plates and, at the very least, get back some control and headspace so you can think straight again.

What would that look like for you?

I can help you figure that out with my Burnout Buster Coaching Session, a one-hour call where we identify at least one concrete strategy to start to get things off your plate and breathe again. 

We then follow up within a month for a 30 minute check in to see how things are going and what we can adjust to relieve even more pressure.

Even if you wouldn’t say that you are burnt out, if you are dealing with some of the things I have talked about above, this will still be a great session for you.

Why struggle with this alone when there is someone who can help?  You probably have a sense of where the road you are on is going, and believe you me, you don’t want to go there.

This is your time to take a step back, get some distance, and start to see the way through what is going on to the other side.

Because you know that time is not going to make itself.


Investment for all this: £197 (VAT included).

Let’s get started

Are you ready to get started working?  

Excellent!  Here’s what happens next.

Step 1: Make your payment here

Step 2: You will then receive a link to my calendar to make an appointment for our Burnout Buster Coaching session together.

Step 3: Then we will hold our session and get you started on getting back some control and headspace


Any questions?

Do you have any questions?  Just fire me an email at joanna@joannadenton.com and I will get back to you to walk you through anything you need from me.


Remember, you got this, and you are not alone.  I look forward to being able to support you with this.