Speak to Connect:

Your direct path to public speaking success

A six-month custom-built programme to help thought leaders, top executives and entrepreneurs maximize their public speaking impact by creating real connection with their audience.

Public speaking engagements can be prized opportunities for you to position yourself as a leader in your field and to access potential clients – but only if you prepare and perform in such a way as to take full advantage of those opportunities.

Imagine being able to clearly transmit your message time after time in a way that connects with your audience and leads them to sit up and think: “I want to work with her!”

Imagine if you were remembered for what you say, and not just how you say it?

Imagine the impact you could have, clients you could attract, and business you could generate if you had six months of coaching and training with me, your very own public speaking coach!

Do you want to take your public speaking to the next level, so you can make more and more of an impact time and time again when you are in front of an audience?

Depending on your unique objectives, you might leave your six-month programme with:


Clarity about why you want to speak in public, and clear steps to achieve this objective.


Greater awareness of your own communication style, and how to optimize it depending on the particular situation.


A better understanding of your audience, so you can articulate your ideas in ways that truly speak to their hearts.


Polished intros and outros, so you grab your audience’s attention right from the start, and hold it right to the end.


A powerful story to build trust and connection with your audience.


Strong and compelling content that knocks your audience’s socks off!


Greater self confidence to express your ideas


A clear and convincing offer that inspires your audience to work with you.


A change in perspective about speaking in public, which allows you to enjoy the whole experience.


Stronger stage presence, that increases your impact.


Effective stress management tools, so stage fright doesn’t derail your entire talk.


Reinforced skills to prepare and deliver talks over and over again.


More confidence to speak in public in a foreign language.

How it Works:

No two speakers, and no two talks, are the same. And so, this six month programme is all about you: focused on exactly what you need to get the most out of public speaking.

The programme is designed not only to help you learn public speaking skills, but also to put these skills into practice. It requires a time commitment, but if you are willing to put the time in, I shall be there every step of the way to accompany you, and to provide you with focused and pragmatic feedback.

The Process:

The first thing we will do is determine your two or three specific objectives for the programme. We will talk about your current speaking experience, and explore why you want to speak in public. Then, I shall construct a programme that is truly tailor-made for you.

That’s when the real work begins!

The 6-month process will unfold as follows:

Jump start your skills with my four-week fast-track programme

This programme starts with my four-week fast-track programme: four two-hour sessions spread out over a month to jump start the most fundamental public speaking skills that you will need.

The content of your four fast-track sessions will largely depend on your priorities, but to give you an idea, we might cover:

● planning your talk, and allowing you to shift your perspective to that of the audience
● articulating your message around a compelling business story
● finessing your introduction and your conclusion
● working on your non verbal communication and your physical presence on stage

Deep-dive coaching and rehearsal coaching sessions to develop and reinforce additional skills

Once the Fast Track programme is under our belt, we will meet on average twice a month to dive deeper into further technical skills, and to spend quality time practicing and reinforcing your skills.

Depending on your personal needs and objectives, these additional technical sessions could include a selection of the following:

● converting technical content into compelling stories for your audience
● writing your own signature story
● creating rapport with your audience and establishing credibility
● using visual aids for more impact
● preparing for special situations such as acting as Master of Ceremonies, appearing on a panel, speaking at a dinner
● speaking in public in a foreign language

Journaling exercises and tools to further explore your relationship with public speaking

In between our sessions, I will invite you to use some of the tools from Tara Mohr’s “Playing Big: A Practical Guide For Brilliant Women Like You” to help you reinforce the learning through journaling and other exercises.

This work could include subjects such as:

● identifying the self limiting beliefs that can come into play when you speak in public, and exploring how you can re-write these beliefs;
● filtering the feedback you receive when you speak in public: to establish what is useful feedback, and which you can leave to one side;
● ensuring that when you prepare for a talk, you don’t spend a lifetime making it “perfect” but you learn to “leap” and put yourself out there with small baby steps.

In between our sessions, you will also work on getting more and more practical experience speaking in public so that you can use the tools you learn in a real hands-on way. We will work together to create your plan to maximize these opportunities.

My Philosophy:

Our in-depth work together is centered around a concrete and pragmatic approach to attracting clients through public speaking – all the while enjoying the experience of being on stage and in the spotlight.

As your coach, I bring a mixture of both kick-ass and compassion to our work together.

It is hard work, and I will ask you to prepare between sessions and take the work seriously. When you speak in public, you have a responsibility to your audience to be prepared and to bring them something interesting and impactful.

But you also have a responsibility to be kind to yourself, and to give yourself a break. I am not asking you to be perfect on stage, that’s not the point. But I do want you to show up and be seen for who you are, what you stand for, and to bring the best of your amazing ideas to your audience.

What’s Included:

  • The Fast Track Programme, designed to jumpstart your public speaking skills, and comprising four two-hour one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions.
    • Once you have completed your Fast Track sessions you will be able to book in up to four, 60-minute private coaching sessions to delve deeper into the subjects of your choice.
  • Four 60-minute rehearsal or delivery sessions.
    • Once you have completed your Fast Track sessions, you will be able to book up to four, 60-minute rehearsal or delivery sessions. Use these sessions to rehearse content that you need to deliver.
  • Your own personalized workbook designed to lock in your learning.
  • Journaling exercises to explore your relationship with public speaking.
  • Video review for each of your rehearsal sessions.
  • Email support during the six months.
  • Quick pep talk calls before your speaking engagements.
  • Video review for up to two speaking engagements.

Who it’s for:

This 6-month programme is perfect for thought leaders, business executives and entrepreneurs alike, who want to create more impact and connection with their audience.

Specifically, this programme is a great fit if you…

  • Want to use public speaking as a way to access your ideal clients, and make a real connection with your audience so they feel inspired to work with you.
  • Want to see better results from your talks, in the form of new clients and/or sales.
  • Want to stand out, be taken seriously and become a sought after expert in your field.
  • Struggle to explain your solution in an accessible, non-technical way – thus creating a barrier to new clients wanting to work with you.
  • Have exciting new material, and now you want to bring that content to a whole new audience.
  • Feel nervous in front of audiences and want to feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Have given talks before and feel comfortable on stage already, but you want to take things to the next level.

This programme is not a good fit if…

  • You are looking for someone to write your talks for you. True, we will spend time on the content, but the talk needs to come from you – your language, your passion.
  • You are not willing to put in the work between sessions. Speaking in public is hard work – even the most “improvised” talk has been well prepared. There are no short cuts to the hard graft.

I want to equip you with the skills, coaching and support necessary to develop and deliver a clear, creative and powerful message every single time. Lets talk some more about how I can help you do this. Contact me to arrange a time to do so.

If you’re looking for a few sessions to sharpen your public speaking skills before an upcoming talk, there is a condensed programme that fits your needs. If this is you, please take a moment to look at my Fast Track VIP Intensive Programme.