Speak to Connect:

Your Fast Track to Public Speaking Success

A series of four, custom-built, one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help thought leaders and entrepreneurs maximize the impact of an upcoming talk by creating real connection with their audience.

Do you have a big talk to prepare, but limited time to prepare it?

Do you have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start?

Do you sometimes struggle to connect with your audience?

Your upcoming talk is a prized opportunity to get your ideas out into the world, and to inspire an audience of potential clients to work with you… but if you don’t approach this opportunity with clarity and strategy, you won’t see the results you want.

Imagine the impact you could have, the clients you could attract, and the sales you could make if you had four weeks of focused one-on-one coaching and training with me, your very own public speaking expert!

Depending on your unique objectives, you might leave this fast track programme with:


A clear vision and purpose to your talk to provide you with focus, coherence and consistency.


Clarity about your audience and their perspective, so you can articulate your ideas in ways that truly speak to their hearts.


Polished introductions and conclusions, so you grab your audience’s attention right from the start, and hold it right to the end.


A powerful story to build trust and connection with your audience.


Strong and compelling content that knocks your audience’s socks off!


A clear and convincing offer that inspires your audience to work with you.

Do you want to create real connection with your audience in your upcoming talk, so you can inspire and excite them?

How it Works:

To prepare for your fast track, I will first ask you to complete a detailed intake form.  This will allow you to step back and take stock about your current strengths, and any areas you would like to improve.

Then we will have a conversation about your upcoming talk, the current status of your preparation and the two or three objectives you would like to focus on during our work together.   

Once I am clear about your objectives, I will fully customise the experience for you.

We will work face to face, either online or in person.

The content of the different sessions will depend on your priorities. However, to give you an idea, we might concentrate on:

  • Planning your talk, and shifting perspective away from yourself and onto your audience;
  • Articulating your message around a compelling business story that is illustrated with examples;
  • Finessing your introduction so that you can establish rapport with your audience and your credibility in the subject matter; and your conclusion so you end with a sizzle, not a fizzle; and
  • Rehearsing the delivery of your talk.

What’s Included:

  • 4 two-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions will be spread out over a period of up to one month to allow you to consolidate your learning, and work on fleshing out your talk in between our sessions.
  • Your very own personalized workbook designed to lock in your learning.
  • Email support throughout the process.
  • One review of your draft presentation to give you my thoughts, comments, and suggestions. My job here is to offer you a perspective of a non-expert in your technical field, and to help you gauge how accessible your ideas are.
  • Pep talk call just before your speaking engagement .
  • Video review – video yourself giving your talk and send it to me, and we will debrief during a half hour follow-up session.

Who it’s for:

This fast track Speak to Connect programme is perfect for thought leaders and entrepreneurs alike, who want to create more impact and connection with their audience for this one particular talk.

Specifically, this fast track programme is a great fit if you…

  • Have a particular talk you need to prepare and deliver, but limited time to dedicate to that preparation.
  • Have one or two very specific public speaking objectives that you would like to achieve, such as:
  • To develop your storytelling techniques to really “hook” your audience;
  • To practice ways to manage your stress on stage, so that you can start to enjoy the experience; or
  • To articulate your ideas in a simple and accessible way that speaks to your audience.
  • Want a specific and compelling offer to propose to your audience at the end of the talk, so that you can convert interest in what you have to say into concrete business leads.

I want to help you turn your technical brilliance into an engaging and powerful message! Lets talk more about how I can help you do this. Contact me to arrange a time to do so.

If you want to completely overhaul your public speaking skills and/or use speaking as a primary and consistent marketing strategy to attract new clients into your business, this won’t be enough for your needs. If this is you, please take a moment to look at my 6-month Direct Path Programme.