Female Leaders

Time to remember the
Powerhouse that you really are

Who I work with

Does any of this sound familiar?

These last years have been one hell of a ride as you have moved up the corporate ladder. You are out there serving your clients, building your teams, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You love your work but, let’s face it, there are days where you just want to be left alone to get on with it.

​You thought things would get easier with each promotion – but not at all. It seems that everyone has a boss, and everyone has a game they are meant to play.

​The more you advance, the more games there are – games you only half understand most of the time.

Perhaps your boss expects you to be telepathic, perhaps he keeps moving the goalposts when you least expect it, or perhaps there are ten other ways that he is completely unreasonable every single day.

Perhaps your team never seems to get it.  It doesn’t matter how much you try, its like you are speaking a different language.  More often than not it would make life a lot easier if you could just do the work yourself – but that’s not really the point is it?  You love your team, and you really want to help them grow, but they don’t understand why you are so demanding with them all the time.

And then there is the market.  The more you advance, the more you are expected to get out into the marketplace and be visible.  That means networking events – aaggghhh – and speaking gigs– double aaggghhh!!

​The whole thing is heavy as hell.  

You’ve had it with feeling like you have two jobs – one to do the work, the other to work out what the hell everyone wants so you can keep them all happy!

You can’t remember a time when you weren’t second guessing yourself.  It seems like every single day something comes up that pushes your comfort zone and gets your inner critic going, and you spend most of the time looking over your shoulder for someone ready to realise you are starting to lose your shit.

There is so much more you want to do with your life and your career, and you know you have so much to offer the world – but the problem is you are scared of messing the whole thing up if you try.  Failure is not an option in this world.  Only a sign of weakness.

And the more doubts you have, the more hours you work.  You just throw more time at the thing, thinking that will make things work out.  Deep down you know its not right – intellectually you can see you are heading for a brick wall.  But emotionally and in every part of you, you believe you don’t have a choice – this is the price you have to pay for success in corporate life.

Something has to change!

What we do together

I work with my clients to help them identify the things that are holding them back and then tap into their own inner strength and wisdom to find the solutions needed to move forward. 

Sometimes this is a matter of creating a playbook to decipher what it is her boss wants, or strategies to get through to her team so they can perform even better.  Sometimes it is a question of helping her prepare a key presentation so she can step into her power.

​All in all, though, I help my client remember the Powerhouse that she is.  A Powerhouse that friends and family see all the time, but she has forgotten.  I help her remember how special she is because of who she is, and not what she does, and I help her see that she doesn’t need external validation so long as she believes in herself.

Need some help to manage your boss like a pro?

Spend time filling the gaps in your communication, so you can start to work as partners

Your team never seems to get what it is you want?

Let go of telepathy as a
management technique

Got a presentation coming up and want to nail it?

Let’s get it written and
give it some ooomph!