Manage your boss like a pro!

Spend some time filling the gaps in your communication so you can start to work as partners


These last years have been one hell of a ride as you have moved up the corporate ladder. You are out there serving your clients, building your teams, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You love your work but, let’s face it, there are days where you just want to be left alone to get on with it.

You thought things would get easier with each promotion – but not at all. It seems that everyone has a boss, and yours is being particularly difficult.

Perhaps your boss expects you to be telepathic, or perhaps he keeps moving the goalposts when you least expect it, or perhaps there are ten other ways that he is completely unreasonable every single day.

At least when you were working under the same roof, you could just pop in and talk to him, run something by him, ask a quick question – but now, to add insult to injury, COVID and the ever changing rules on working from home mean that the dynamic has shifted even more over the last months while you have been located in different places.

The whole thing is heavy as hell.  You’ve had it with feeling like you have two jobs – one to do the work, the other to work out what the hell is going on with your boss.

Something has to change!

Imagine if you could simply manage your boss like a pro

Imagine if you stepped back now and spent some time looking at things from your boss’s perspective, proactively worked on strategies to improve your communication and working relationship, and identified small changes that could lead to big improvements.

Imagine if once and for all you could fill in the gaps and decipher what the hell they want.

You create new habits of delivering work for your boss that you can then bring back to the office when all this is over.  You open a brand new dialogue with your boss.  You clear the air and start working in partnership together, one based on trust, and transparency.  You aren’t taking things so personally anymore, and you are seeing your boss as a human being who has his own challenges and priorities.  Your ideas are getting heard and recognised, and he is championing you elsewhere in the firm.

At last you can just get on and do your job!

Think what a difference that would make.

Know this: You are not alone having a difficult working relationship with your boss.

I work with very successful women who, despite their impressive track records, are still full of self doubt as they advance in their corporate careers.   Often the relationship with their boss is a big part of the problem.

They are exhausted from second guessing themselves all the time, and they know they would have a lot more to offer the world if they weren’t so afraid of screwing it all up.  I help them quiet the fears and rebuild their confidence so they can navigate a way forward and get on with the Work they know they are meant to do.

Finding out what their boss wants is often a first step to stop this second guessing and open up the next stages of their career.

And I can help you do that too.

By the end of our time working together you will have a concrete and tangible strategy to put into place within the next 72 hours to improve your relationship.

Depending on your specific situation, this might include:


  • A deeper insight into what makes your boss tick, so you can stop second guessing and just get on with the work;
  • A mapping system to allow you to hit the ground running with any new boss on any new project that will give similar insight;
  • A checklist of questions to ask your boss to make sure that you know exactly what he needs from you and how you can go about giving it to him; and
  • 5 simple questions to think about in advance before going to propose a new idea or solution to your boss in order to make the yes even easier.

How It All Works

This is what you get

“Manage your boss like a pro” questionnaire

Answer a few simple questions about your boss and your current working relationship to help identify where the biggest struggles lie.

Communicating a current summary of the situation and getting clear on the frustrations in advance of the call is important for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it will get us on the same page so we can dive straight into our work together and make sure we cover what we need to cover during our meeting.

Secondly, and more importantly, answering these questions will help you remember that your boss is human too, and that he is just trying to get through the day with his own struggles and his own shit to handle.  This knowledge will in turn lay a foundation for a new understanding of what makes him tick and concrete strategies to work better together

Work it out session (90 minutes)

During this 90 minute call I’ll help you discover key factors that are going to help streamline the working relationship with your boss so that you can stop second guessing what he wants, and just start delivering on it.

We’ll discuss how you can tap into insight about your boss that you’ve gleaned over the years, and use this to improve your communication in the new environment of working from home.

Finally we will identify at least one tangible strategy to implement within the following 72 hours to improve your relationship.

Cheat sheets and talking points

After our session working together, you will receive a set of “Manage your boss like a pro” talking points.  These are a series of prompts to help you prepare and undertake conversations around the following:

– presenting key findings and recommendations of a project in a way that takes into account the decision making process, respective communication styles and how the recommendations correspond to relevant KPI’s (Key performance indicators);

– identifying and bridging gaps in working style between you and your boss; and

– understanding and managing expectations around priorities, defining success, and decision making.

You will be able to use each of these over and over again for each project and meeting to make sure that you and your boss are always on the same page for each project and you never need to second guess again.

Getting back to work

For the following ten days you will go away and use these techniques in your day to day work with your boss, reflecting as you go along on what is working well, and what needs readjusting.

You will see how small proactive changes in how you work together can result in big improvements to your working relationship.  You will start to discover that you have as much control over the success of your working relationship as he does, and you will start to see how the same applies to other working relationships (such as with your teams or clients).

By consciously reflecting on what works well and what needs further improvement, you will also develop a self reflection muscle that you can then bring into other areas of your life and work, and start to see how you have control over them as well.

Check in and tweak (30 minutes)

Two weeks after the first meeting we will regroup for a thirty minute call to see how things are doing.  This is about lessons learned from the work you have been doing, and where needed a retweak and adjustment to your strategy.  You will create an action plan going forward, and walk away with a clear idea of your next steps, so that you can feel back in control for the future too, even after we have stopped working together.

This whole thing is about setting you up for success.  It’s time for you to stop striving and start thriving in this relationship – you can finally just get on and do your job, and stop worrying about your boss!


Investment for all this: £500 (VAT included).

Let’s get started

Are you ready to get started working?

Excellent!  Here’s what happens next.

Step 1: Make your payment here

Step 2: within 24 hours you will receive your “Know your boss” questionnaire, as well as instructions for booking our strategy session.

Step 3: Then we will hold our session and get you started on pressing the reset button on the relationship with your boss


Any questions?

Do you have any questions?  Just fire me an email at and I will get back to you to walk you through anything you need from me.

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to hear from you and support you in this reset process.