Meet Joanna

Joanna Denton is an Executive Coach specialising in helping busy professionals get their lives back.  She is also an acclaimed author, podcaster, columnist and two time TEDx speaker.


Joanna Denton works with busy professionals like you who are amazing at what they do, well respected in their field, and known for always going the extra mile for their clients. The only problem is, behind this facade of success, their life is falling apart.  They are exhausted and feeling the pressure to perform, compete and be available 24/7.

Every day seems to be a routine of sleep, eat, work, repeat, and they are well on the road to burnout.

Joanna helps her clients escape the vicious circle of self-doubt, work, and need to people please.  She teaches her clients how to find time for things they never did before, so they are better at work and feel lighter and less stressed.


Less Go, Go, Go, more Guilt free time for themselves

Her clients go from a place of do, do, do, go, go, go to one where they can curl up on the sofa and take time for themselves without feeling guilty 

Back in the driving seat

Her clients are back in the driving seat of their lives, making choices for themselves, rather than being swept along by everyone else’s expectations of how their life is meant to be

Not just successful, but happy too

All in all, her clients continue to be the high achieving kick ass executives that they always were but now they also have a life outside work with the ones they love.

“I now find that I have time for things that I never did before. I am now a priority too! Through our chats, Joanna was able to help me focus on ‘me’ which has the added benefit of helping me to perform better at work. I feel lighter, happier and much less stressed. I have learned to prioritise personal tasks just as I do work related tasks and ensure that time is dedicated to those things. I am now in control of my life once again”

Joanna trained as a coach in 2015, and after working first in an in-house role for her then employer, she started her own business in October 2016, working for clients all around the world and in different industries and organisations.   Prior to that, Joanna worked as a tax consultant for 16 years in Big 4 accounting firms in both the UK and Luxembourg, working up to the level of Director in 2010.  Two burnouts in five years made her fall out of love with her well-established tax career, even though on the face of it she was at the top of her game. In 2014, after burnout number 2, she left tax, became a coach, and changed pretty much everything about how she lives her life. Since then, it has become her mission to make sure that her clients don’t wait till their lives are falling apart to make changes in their lives; she helps her clients continue doing what they love, AND do it in a way that they can still have the energy to have a life outside work with the ones they care about.  

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Getting your life back has never been so close!