I am a public speaking coach on a mission: to transform boring, lackluster and “so what?” speakers into exciting and compelling storytellers who light up the room with ideas that resonate with their audience.

I started my career in 1998 as a tax consultant in a big international accounting firm, and spent the next sixteen years turning the technical into the accessible for my clients. Throughout this time a big part of my job was to train clients and colleagues alike, and, since 2003, to speak as industry expert at conferences around Europe.

In 2014, I decided to reorient my career and become a public speaking coach: first for my previous employer, and now with my own business. I draw on my eighteen years of experience as a trainer and speaker to bring you pragmatic and down-to-earth coaching, designed to help you translate the technical into the accessible, and communicate your ideas in a clear and authentic way that gets you noticed and hired by your ideal clients.

Who is My Ideal Client?

My ideal client is an entrepreneur, thought leader or business executive who uses public speaking as a way to engage with her ideal clients. More importantly, my ideal client is someone who is committed to her business, passionate about her field and enthusiastic about bringing her ideas to a wider public. She is 150% dedicated to working hard to transform her talk into an awesome experience for both herself and her audience.

More specifically, my services and programmes will be a great fit if you:

  • Have exciting new ideas or solutions you want to bring to your audience.
  • Want to use public speaking to inspire potential clients to work with you, but on previous occasions have struggled to communicate your message in an accessible and non-technical way.
  • Want to stand out, be taken seriously and become a recognised expert in your field.
  • Feel nervous or anxious speaking in public, and you want to learn skills to manage that stress.
  • Already have successful experience speaking in public, and now want to take it to the next level.

On the other hand, we will not be a good fit if you:

  • Think I am going to write your talks for you.
  • Can’t make the time to put in the work between sessions.
  • Are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

What Makes Me Passionate About this Work?

I believe that public speaking skills can change lives. It’s that simple.

Someone once said: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

But guess what, life’s not that simple – fish do get asked to climb trees every day. And if they don’t manage it, they do get judged and they are made to believe they are stupid.

All throughout my career I have worked alongside brilliant people with game-changing ideas about very difficult subjects.

Some of these people have been highly successful at bringing their ideas to a captive audience – transmitting their energy and excitement to the crowd in a way that excites and inspires.

But others have struggled to translate their ideas into something truly accessible. They are happier in the books or behind the computer, and they really don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. When they do get into the spotlight, they struggle to connect with their audience, and they fail to make an impact.

These “fish” are judged because of their challenges on stage. And unfortunately, their brilliant ideas and the life-changing solutions for their clients get overlooked.

If you have found me, it is because you too have brilliant ideas and you too want to be heard. My passion is helping you communicate your ideas in such a way that you are seen and heard for who you truly are every single time.

Today I get to watch my clients turn the light on when they come on stage. I see them share their ideas, and I watch the audience respond. I would love to see you join them.

What Makes Me Different?

I’ve Been Where You Are Now.

I know what it’s like to be a speaker, Master of Ceremonies or panelist who needs to translate the technical into the accessible – because that used to be a big part of my job.

Over the years I have worked with clients in many different fields, but when I have spoken at conferences it has mainly been to businesses in the technology sector.  Very often the people in the audience were not tax experts – they were more on the operational side, and knew very little about tax.  My job was to convert my very technical tax knowledge into something that was practical and pragmatic for the audience, so they could understand the impact of what I had to say on their business.

To succeed as a speaker in this context – to really connect with my audience in a way that they could hear and understand me – I had to step beyond the theory and into the practice, and make the information come alive with story telling, examples, and analogies.  You see, its not enough to just be an expert in your field – many others are too; to truly connect with your audience, you must move beyond facts and figures, and understand what is important to the audience in their day to day life.  Only then can you start to see and express the impact your subject has for them, so they can start to see it too.

My Philosophy

I am not here to give you a quick fix. What I do goes well beyond the one-off presentation. I look to instill and reinforce sustainable skills that you can use over and over again in your speaking career.

My Signature Programs

I have spent thousands of hours preparing and delivering trainings and talks over the years, and I have developed a practical and pragmatic approach to help you get straight to what you need to do.
Many “Presentation skills” training programmes exist – but these are mainly for groups. What I do is different – a unique blend of one-on-one training, coaching and consulting.

I’m Fluent in French and English

I am fluent in French, so I can work with you in either French or English – whichever works best for you.

Programmes for Speakers

Click Here if You are an Individual
who is a thought leader, entrepreneur, or business executive wanting to use public speaking as an ideal way to access potential clients and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Programmes for Companies

Click Here if You are a Company
if you are organizing a conference and would like guided rehearsal time for your speakers.

What’s My Experience?

  • I worked as a tax consultant for sixteen years in “Big 4” Accounting firms in both the UK and in Luxembourg
  • Since I started my career in 1998, a big part of my job has been to train both colleagues and clients in technical, soft and leadership skills.
  • The first time I was asked to coach colleagues to speak in public was in 2009, and I haven’t looked back since. At first I did this on an ad hoc informal basis, and then in 2014, I transformed this into a more formal role, as public speaking coach for colleagues rehearsing for conferences or to pitch to clients.
  • The first time I spoke at a conference was in 2003, and since then I have been speaker, panelist or Master of Ceremonies at numerous industry and tax events in Luxembourg and around Europe. In my public speaking coaching, I turn what I have learnt as a speaker into tangible and concrete tips to help my clients be impactful on stage.
  • I am an alumni of Tara Mohr’s “Playing Big Facilitators Training”, which is based on the book Playing Big: A Practical Guide For Brilliant Women Like You.

Who Am I Outside Work?

  • I grew up in Northern Ireland, and even though I left at the age of 18, my roots will always be there.
  • The first time I was on stage, I was four years old, doing something that vaguely resembled “ballet”. My ballet career was pretty short lived (one show, if I remember correctly), but throughout school I appeared in plays, sang in choirs, played in orchestras, and spoke in school debates.
  • When I was eighteen I went to Geneva for a year – and therein started my love affair with Europe. Since then I studied in Strasbourg for a year during my Bachelors degree (English and French Law), and in the Netherlands for my Masters (European Business Law), before later moving to Luxembourg for work in 2003.
  • I speak French fluently, and have spent more than two thirds of my professional career living and working in Luxembourg.
  • My family, friends, and animals are the most important people in my life.
  • Some of my favourite times are centred around food – a lazy Sunday brunch, or Afternoon Tea with friends.
  • When I am on holiday, I get a kick out of getting to know the local area, and I love few things more than sitting on a terrace people watching. My top cities so far have been San Francisco, Prague, and Vancouver.
  • I love going to the theatre to watch live shows. There is something about the buzz of live entertainment that I find absolutely joyous.
  • I recently started to read for pleasure more and more – both fiction and non-fiction. I will buy anything by Brene Brown or Mark Gimenez as soon as it hits the shelves.
  • I firmly believe that life is too short not to do something you truly, truly love.

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