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According to a study undertaken by LinkedIn, the biggest skill gap facing employers today relates to the soft skills of their people – softs skills like oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills.

Even businesses that are driven by data or technical expertise like law firms, accounting firms, and tax professionals are losing out on clients and revenue through their inability to translate technical information and data into a message that resonates with their prospective clients, and touches their hearts and minds.  

They are losing out on employees leaving the company because the leaders are unable to translate their company strategy into a message that resonates for their people, and they are unable to manage and lead their teams in a way that inspires and motivates.

You cannot afford to overlook the soft skills gap – it’s that simple.

The gap is showing up in your company profits, in your employee retention, in your ability to show up and be different in all the noise on the market place.  

Bringing nearly 25 years of experience as a speaker and trainer on stages all around Europe and further afield, I develop and deliver tailor made trainings to organisations and consulting firms who want to make more sales, improve employee retention and bridge the gap between data and business.

Your people are out there in front of clients – at meetings, or speaking at conferences – and in the ideal spot to position themselves and the firm as leaders in the field. Without some fundamental techniques of storytelling and messaging, this hard won opportunity easily backfires, and rather than being seen as the expert, your speakers come across as out of touch and overly technical

Some of the tailor made courses I deliver are:

  • Train the trainer courses, to equip your people with training skills so they can motivate and inspire colleagues and clients alike on the technical skills needed for the job
  • Impactful presentation courses, to equip your people with the skills needed to build the bridge between the technical information and the business imperatives of the clients
  • Leadership courses, to equip your new leaders with the skills to manage their time better, delegate to motivate, manage a team at distance, and leverage their networks to ensure not only their own success but also that of the entire team.

Email me at or contact me via the form at the bottom of this page, and let’s talk about how I can support you and your teams to bridge that communication and soft skills gap.

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