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I work with large organisations and consulting firms who place a strong emphasis on soft skills training for their people.  I run masterclasses to help their experts improve their presentation skills so that when they are in front of clients they have more impact and are able to position themselves as trusted adviser.  I also run masterclasses to teach their staff training techniques so that they are able to train more junior colleagues on the intricacies of the work and technical field.

These sessions can help you and your people if:

  • The speakers are presenting in front of clients, but are lacking the impact needed to really establish themselves and the firm as trusted adviser;
  • Your trainers really know their subject, but fail to engage with the participants so the learning does not happen as it should;
  • You are looking for a facilitator who is not only highly experienced in this field, but who also understands the realities of preparing for these presentations while also having to comply with client deadlines and all the other constraints of their day job.

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