6 months of 1-2-1 public speaking coaching

Time to be heard for your ideas,
no longer judged for your speaking skills

I work with lawyers, accountants and other subject matter experts who use speaking opportunities to position themselves as leaders in their field, both on the market place and within their organisations. 

The only problem is they are so passionate and invested in their subject that they struggle to break it down into something simple for fear of minimising the impact of what they have to say.

Instead they deliver a complicated talk that goes over the heads of mere mortals and is dismissed without a second thought. 

I help my clients craft engaging talks and presentations that build a bridge between the technical aspects and the business implications, so their audience buys in to and understands the critical points.  Speakers become recognised by their clients, colleagues and teams as a true expert in their field.

Tell me …

  • Do you want to use speaking as a means to build your business, but you don’t know where to start? 
  • Do you have a message that you want to share with the world, but you are just not having the impact you want to have? 
  • Are you working on new ideas, but struggle to build the bridge between your research and the business strategy of your organisation or audience? 
  • Perhaps you already speak at different events but are crippled with nerves every time you do it, and you just want to enjoy it a bit more? 
  • Or maybe you talk about really technical subjects and you notice that when you speak in front of an audience, they look back at you with blank faces, rather than being captivated and impressed with your credentials.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe it’s time to take your speaking skills and strategy to the next level – the world needs to hear your message!

It’s time to be heard for your game changing ideas, and not judged for your public speaking skills

During this coaching programme, we are going to work on your skills, and build your confidence in front of an audience.  The programme lasts six months so you can build, practice and adjust your skills as needed.  

By the end of our time together you will have everything you need to walk into your next speaking gig, confident that you will be able to connect with the audience and convey your compelling message.

Specifically as a result of this programme you can expect to:

  • Have a proven methodology that takes the fear and procrastination away and helps you go from blank page to delivering the presentation
  • Be clear on your messaging so that it resonates with the audience, and the audience hear and understand what they need to
  • Feel confident choosing and telling stories to help sell the message
  • Know how to maximise your preparation and rehearsal time so that you have more confidence on stage
  • Know how to prepare for questions so that you know you can handle whatever is thrown at you

You can present your game changing ideas – be it in the board room, client meeting or on stage – with more clarity conviction and connection and be heard for your ideas rather than get tied up in the process.

Why me?

I have been a conference speaker for more than 20 years, delivering training and key notes on stages all over Europe and beyond.  I spoke about a number of subjects – tax, technology and leadership – and the one thing I knew was that I had to translate the technical knowledge into something audiences of mere mortals could understand.

I learned to break things down in a way that connected with the audience, and I bring you a combination of coaching, consulting and training to do the same thing.

Features and benefits

The six month Public Speaking Coaching package is designed to meet you where you are in terms of public speaking skills, and then depending on your specific objectives give you the tools to take things further.  More specifically the package comprises the following:

  • The first kick off call of 90 minutes to help us get clear on goals and objectives, as well as how we are going to work towards that.  This will give you a road map to success and provide the framework for our work.  
  • Eleven subsequent coaching calls of 60 minutes to work on your content, strategy and skills around speaking.  These will enable you to use me as a sounding board, and to work through and practice your messaging and delivery.  
  • All materials and support documentation that will give you templates and checklists to build your different speeches and content.  These will enable you to go away and prepare future meetings and speeches, even after we have finished our work together.   
  • Unlimited access to me in between coaching calls, so that you feel you are supported and can ask questions at any point in the journey.   
  • Up to six hours of additional time to review draft presentations and slide decks as needed so you get real time feedback and tips for improving your presentations. 

Investment for all this

The financial investment to work with me for 6 months is £3,000 (VAT included).

Let’s get started

Are you interested in working with me?

Excellent, this is how we get started.

Step 1 – schedule a complimentary, no obligation consult. You can do that right here.

At the moment of booking the consult, you will be asked to answer three short questions about what you are looking to achieve from our work together.  These questions are designed to get us on the same page when we talk to each other, so that we can concentrate on the most important aspects when we meet.

Step 2 – at the scheduled time for the consult, we’ll consult. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure that we’re the perfect fit before you commit.  Please know that I am not a big fan of hard sales – this consult is there to answer any questions you might have and make sure that you make the best informed decision for yourself.

Step 3 – if we both decide that this would be a good fit, I will send you full details for payment to get the package in place and ready to go. 

Have questions?

If you have any questions about what is in here, please, please, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at joanna@joannadenton.com and I would be delighted to answer them as best I can.

Client results

I wanted to work with Joanna because I knew I had an important message to share, but it wasn’t coming through as powerfully as I hoped it would. Translating a book into an engaging talk that leaves an impact in 20-30 minutes is a big challenge! Since working with Joanna, I have gained more confidence in my message and my ability to connect with each audience in a personal, relevant way. My biggest win was speaking in front of an audience that I was nervous wouldn’t understand my message and finding the thread of connection that brought us all to a place of commonality and kinship. It was beautiful and we all walked away moved! Joanna is brilliant at helping people translate their topic (especially if it is nuanced) into something accessible to a broader audience. She’s an intuitive listener and can help you find your blocks. Then she makes the whole process both fun and productive. I highly recommend working with Joanna if you have a message that needs to be communicated to a broader audience in a way that only you can share it (we all do!!).
Erika Allison, speaker, interfaith minister and author of Gay the Pray Away: Healing Your Life, Love, and Relationships from the Harms of LGBT Conversion Therapy

I reached out to Joanna in January 2020, ten months after moving from academia to industry. What I lacked was the confidence to communicate research in a fast-paced environment and the tools to connect research insights to business strategy. I wanted to feel more comfortable and structured speaking in front of people, whether that be colleagues or project partners. Over the course of 6 month, I learned a lot from Joanna and the difference that I feel towards presenting is so liberating. I went from shying away and saying no to presentations to enjoying them. I have got far more out of this course than just some tools for public speaking. It’s no longer perfectionism that defines my relationship with public speaking but flow, ease and continuous learning.  
– Katalin Osz, Researcher, Manufacturing Company, Sweden