Time to be heard for your ideas,
no longer judged for your speaking skills

Who I work with

Does this sound familiar?


You’re a lawyer, accountant, or another kind of subject matter expert, and you use speaking gigs to position yourself as an expert in your field.

​Ok, maybe “speaking gigs” sounds a bit grand – you wouldn’t necessarily see yourself as a “speaker” doing “speaking gigs”.

​You give presentations – they might be in team or client meetings, or they might be at conferences – and your objective is that people see you and then want to work with you and your team.

​You’ve been doing it for a few years now. It was all pretty organic really – as you advanced through the ranks at work, it got to a point where you were just expected to get up in front of people and talk about your work.

You never really learned how to build a speech. It was more a question of getting thrown in at the deep end, and the implication was that you were smart enough to work it out for yourself.

Problem is, it’s all a bit hit and miss. You are working on speeches and presentations while also having to do your day job of serving clients and meeting deadlines. For all your good intentions, you often get to the last minute and don’t have the time to prepare properly.

Sometimes it works ok, even without as much time to prepare. The audience is genuinely interested and gets what it is you want to say.

But let’s face it, more often than not you look out to a sea of blank faces, or faces looking at their phones and not listening to you. They are not listening to you, your ideas are not getting heard. Worse still, the audience thinks you are boring and out of touch. They certainly don’t see you as an expert they want to work with.

In the beginning, you didn’t worry about it too much. You were usually on stage with someone more senior to you, who would clarify things or answer questions if needed.

But now, you are the most senior person on stage and you are the one meant to be carrying the presentation. The buck stops here.

And when your presentation doesn’t go well, it’s a lot more obvious. And it reflects badly on the entire team.

And now your boss has been going on at you about it a bit more. Telling you that you need to have more impact on stage. You need to have a bit more charisma, and please dear god don’t be so boring.

Unhelpfully your boss hasn’t explained what exactly that means – to have more impact – but he has made it clear that if you can’t work out this piece, you are never going to get any higher in the ranks.

You’ve decided to take things in hand and get some support to work all this out. But you don’t really want to follow an in-house course because chances are, you will be in a room with members of your team, and you don’t want to look stupid in front of them.

​So you are looking for some one-to-one help.

Maybe you are starting small, and just want help to put a bit of oomph into your next presentation.

Or maybe you have a high stakes presentation coming up, and you just want to be guided step by step through the whole thing.

Whatever the situation – I’ve got your back. Let me help you get your ideas heard once and for all, and let me help you have the impact with the audience that you want.

What we do together

I help my clients prepare and deliver their presentations and speeches.

But this is not a question of “Here are my twenty slides, tell me how to stand or where to put my hands when I speak”.

In fact, we will work together on the content and messaging, as well as the delivery so that you can turn up for your presentation completely prepared, and ready to present in a way that is compelling and impactful for the audience.

​The detail of what we do together depends largely on what stage in the preparation you are at, and what it is you want and need to work on.

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The stakes are high,
but you just can’t get writing

We will spend 8 hours together
to help you write the speech and rehearse its delivery